International Treasury Consulting, Inc.

iTC Services


Strategic Treasury Reviews

• comprehensive documentation and review of all legal entities, bank accounts, and banking services used across the company and all of its subsidiaries

• objective account analysis 'scrubs' to eliminate costly and unnecessary banking services, often reducing transactional bank fees by 10-15% per year

• implementation of Treasury 'best practices' across all bank accounts

• SEPA preparation for Euro cross-border payments in 2013/2014


Merger & Acquisition Integrations

due-diligence assistance, pre and post acquisition

identification of all banking, A/R, and A/P systems to be acquired

legal and tax reviews to facilitate subsidiary consolidation, especially where corporate overlap results in unacceptably high overhead expenses

Anti-Fraud Protection across all bank accounts systemwide

implementation of check and ACH positive-pay across all accounts 

ensure payee positive-pay for main disbursement and payroll accounts

impose full check-blocks on all accounts not clearing any checks

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Automation

standardization of invoices for better wholesale lockbox processing

standardization of remittance coupons for retail lockbox processing

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Optimization

 auto-posting of HCFA 1500 and UB04 claim forms for Healthcare providers

• optimize coupon print vendor based on billing software used

• extensive experience with implementing Epic for hospitals and physicians, as well as McKesson, Invision, NextGen, Meditech, Systoc, etc.

RFP's for Banking Services and TMS Implementations

design, issuance and processing of RFP's for all banking services

design, issuance and processing of RFP's for TMS projects

post-selection implementations, both ASP and server-based

Foreign Exchange Trading and Hedging Programs

comprehensive review of global FX exposures to define true FX risk

calculate all inter-company exposures for natural exposure offsets

implementation of trading policies for both hard and soft currencies

evaluate how supply-chain changes can help mitigate FX exposures

Other Services

IT project management and TMS-ERP integrations

 documentation of processes and practices for Audit and SOX review

forensic treasury investigations

 preparation and/or review of Spanish language contracts